Bruno Faidutti

I’m a historian, and wrote my PhD about the debate on the reality of unicorns in Renaissance literature. I’m teaching social science part time in a Parisian high school. I’m designing board and card games for 35 years. With time, my games have become simpler and simpler, lighter and lighter, focusing on risk taking, psychology and player interaction. I also always try to find fun themes and to accommodate as many players as possible.

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Núria Casellas

Núria Casellas is the Lead board game designer of Cucafera Games, a new game company from Barcelona. Endless Pass: a Viking Saga, published by WizKids, was her first published board game.

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Trevor Benjamin

I’m a boy from Quispamsis (look it up) who, through a long string of unexpected events, has ended up a father and husband in Ely (ditto). Along the way, I’ve taught Chinese students to differentiate, Dutch postgraduates to analyse mundane conversation in excruciating detail, and a German robot (and loads of humans!) to speak English, Perhaps the only constant running through all of this has been a love of all things game. Since moving to the UK, I’ve co-designed a bunch of games with the other Cambridge crew, some of which (the games!) you can now find in shops.



Bez Shahriari

I am Bez. Game designer, developer, artist, self-publisher.

In a Bind – my first mass-produced game – was enjoyed by many in 2014 and then licensed by Gigamic as ‘Yogi’.

Wibbell++ is a game-system I made, with 7 ‘core games’ currently. I promise a new thing for it every year (on August 1st) until I retire. There are 20-or-so games I think are worth spreading, but the ‘core games’ are the best introductions.

My next titles will be Kitty Cataclysm and +.

Also working for Alley Cat Games.

In 2019, I want to engage more with life.

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Bruno Cathala

When i was a teenager, i was dreaming to belong the french football or rugby team, or to win the vendee globe challenge, or to be a guitar hero, or to be comics writer, or to be an actor, or… so many dreams. But i studied Maths and Physics and then worked in Research and Development for Tungsten Alloys. During that time i began to work on my first games (2002). After been fired in 2004 i became.. full time game designer. Designing games is a way for me to dream again, each time, in a different world. It is not my job. It’s my life. Which is not that easy for people who live close to me.

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Seth Jaffee

I’m probably best known in the game industry as Head of Development for Tasty Minstrel Games. I’ve designed a few titles (and a few expansions), and I have also done extensive development work on many TMG big box titles.
In addition to my work on game design, development, and publishing with TMG, until 2017 I was the president of the Southern Arizona Gamers Association (SAGA) for 5 years, the organization that puts on Rincon, a game convention in Tucson.
You can follow me on twitter (@sedjtroll), and read my occasional, rambling game design thoughts on my game design blog, Cumbersome.

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Tony Boydell

Father (of five), Husband (to one), Self-employed I.T Consultant, Writer, Cartoonist, Game Designer, Game Player, Collector, Reader, Audiophile, Nostalgic, Romantic, Kind, Liberal, sometimes furious and sometimes philosophical, Hungry, Lapsed Catholic but still has a Spiritual edge, Loyal, Fascinated by the Universe, Agricolaholic, Attention-seeker, recent convert to the world of Ferroequinology, amateur Archaeologist, “Live Aid” attendee, 2000AD fan, hates heights, Essen Spiel veteran, loves a dirty joke, proud swearer, generous, dreams a lot, has a sore back, suffers from anxiety, alumnus of Liverpool Polytechnic, Europhile, terrified of Death, art & literature was my favourite category in Trivial Pursuit; that’s me, really.



Théo Rivière

I’m Théo Rivière, an (almost) rookie french designer living in Brussels Belgium. I used to work for different publishers (IELLO, Yoka and Repos) but I’m now working for myself and for my development team (co-create with Antoine Bauza, Ludovic Maublanc and Corentin Lebrat: Kaedama). I love to play and to design games and trying to live from my creation is a wonderful challenge!



Phil Walker-Harding

I am Phil Walker-Harding, a game designer from Sydney, Australia (I also go by “the Sushi Go guy”). I try to design super accessible games that can bring all kinds of people together at the table. I started out self-publishing, but have been focusing on just design for the last few years which has been a great opportunity to grow and develop. I also help pastor a non-traditional congregation at my church and I live in the graveyard. It can be a scary place to live but at least the neighbours are quiet.

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Doria Roustan

Games and therefore gaming, are way more than just products or objects for me. They are a philosophy, a way of approaching concrete subjects and notions, in a joyful manner.

After working as a game designer and a publishing assistant for a boardgames’ publishers, I certified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and I am currently training in other therapeutical techniques.

I’ve recently created my company called « L’Enjouée » (the Playful) in which I mix NLP techniques with games and game design to convey notions of personnal development, useful in both private and professional lives, in diverse forms : individualized support, collective workshops, gamification of contents etc.

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Eloi Pujadas

I am a computer engineer by day and a board game designer by night. I am based in Barcelona. My passion about board games was reborn in 2014 when my sister showed me Ticket to ride and I also discovered a majorities game called Agora Barcelona. These 2 games brought me to keep on playing non-stop. In 2016 my good friend Joaquim Vilalta offered me to create a board game together. I initially thought he was mad, but soon our first brainstorming sessions brought us to create and publish our very first game: Big Bang 13.7! Since then I have created and published other games, and many more yet to come.

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Carla Kopp

I’m Carla Kopp from Weird Giraffe Games and Galactic Raptor Games. I’m a game designer, developer, and publisher. I try to create games that are easy to learn, accessible, and have a depth to them. I specialize in creating solo games and games with a wide player count. I’m also an art director and I try to create games that are bright, distinct, and color blind friendly.

Most of my games are more positive than usual and have some aspect that takes a moment to get used to, but once you do, you’ll really enjoy the game.

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Elizabeth Hargrave

I am a game designer from the Washington, DC area with two games coming out in 2019: Wingspan (Stonemaier Games) and Tussie-Mussie (Button Shy). My designs draw heavily on my love of nature and my desire to play games that break out of the tried-and-true themes that we have all become accustomed to. When I’m not gaming, hiking, birding, or collecting  mushrooms, I’m a freelance consultant in the arcane world of US health care policy.



Sarah Reed

I’m a gamer, game designer, podcaster, LEGO fan and creator of the Play 10 Board Games 10 Times Each Challenge. My husband Will and I have designed and published 3 games: Project Dreamscape, Flo’Busta and Oaxaca: Crafts of a Culture. I’m a cohost on the Our Turn Podcast. On Twitter I’m EuroGamerGirl and you can find me posting about the games we’ve played, LEGO we’ve built, game designs we’re working on and my struggles with improving my mental health, self-confidence and overcoming Imposter Syndrome.

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Brett J. Gilbert

Brett is a board game designer from the UK, who never met a pithy quote he didn’t like. I recently spotted this one on an electronic billboard outside the Cambridge University Engineering Department: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” — Henry Ford. I know it’s not terribly relevant, but it’s more entertaining than my biography would have been.

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Michael Fox

The International Sweet Boy of Tabletop Gaming. Probably best known for my work with Hub Games in Belfast, Northern Ireland, co-designing a game called Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr. Once upon a time I presented a reasonably well-liked podcast called The Little Metal Dog Show where I’d interview the people behind the games we love to play, and somehow I managed to swing that into a full time job inside the industry. Quite the lucky bugger.



Andrew Sheerin

I should really know the answer to this one, but it’s not so easy. I’ve been called a radical board game designer, because the games I make aren’t your typical games, I guess. They range from things that  feel like 1970s psychological experiments to things that feel like Risk on steroids, with terrorists. Fundamentally I’m interested in using and pushing traditional game forms to explore real world issues.

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Adrienne Ezell

Game Designer, Shogunate – 2018,
Freelance Art Director, Marketer, and Designer.

A passion for gaming meets over a decade of art experience, resulting in playing every day *for* work! Board games are my favorite sandbox, the reward is bringing people together for fun, in a box. Getting to do it every day for work? THE. BEST.

I am passionate about bringing games to life. It’s exciting to add touches that immerse players in games. I focus on the experience – how I want players to feel when they play a game.

In my spare time, I travel, write, cook, and am a devotee of the Oxford comma.

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Sam Illingworth

Dr Sam Illingworth is a Senior Lecturer in Science Communication at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. His research involves using tabletop games to develop dialogue between scientists and non-scientists, and creating games that facilitate these exchanges while also being (hopefully) fun to play.

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Kathleen Mercury

Kathleen teaches gifted middle school students in St. Louis, Missouri, and for the past 11 years, she’s taught game design, RPG design, cosplay, filmmaking, and anything else weird and geeky she can. She maintains www.kathleenmercury.com where she posts all her game design teaching resources for free, and loves hearing from folks around the world who find and use them. Kathleen’s game Dragnorak from Kolossal Games will be kickstarted in 2019, and she’s working on other tabletop games and RPGs. She’s also hilarious.

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Sye Robertson

Sye works full time as Senior Graphic Designer for The Salvation Army Australia, as well as running Sye Robertson Art & Design, a multidisciplinary creative practice covering digital art, graphic design, tabletop game design, and surface prints. They have three published board games, have self-published a colouring book, was the featured artist in the digital-colouring app Pigment, where their designs were downloaded and coloured-in by members over 19,000 times in the first two weeks. Passionate about fostering communities, Sye also founded two Facebook groups; Fonts • Lettering • Design has over 11,600 members, and Art & Graphic Design for Tabletop Games has over 6,600 members. They are also an admin for Incubator Melbourne, a tabletop game playtesting group that meets monthly to support local game designers.

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Pini Shekhter

Boardgame designer, by heart. Material science PhD, by trade. Doggy daddy, by smell. Husband, by love.

Boardgame designer and developer from Israel, Best known for designing Edge of Humanity. I believe that the relation between mechanisms and theme needs to be a two-way street, in order for a game to really flourish. I love playing games, I love designing games, but most of all I love it when people play my games.

I write a blog about game design, where I write my thoughts in order for them to make sense.

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Adam Porter

Based in Wales, UK, I trained as a dentist, then as an actor. During my short-lived theatre career, I found myself frequently wanting to get behind the scenes – writing and directing – I wanted to be a creator. I found a similar desire when I discovered the modern boardgame hobby: I wanted to be a game-maker. Fortunately, I managed to make that happen. I have several games on the market with several different publishers, and several more upcoming!

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Kenechukwu Ogbuagu KC

My name is KC. I am a boardgame designer and manufacturer in Nigeria (Africa’s most populous country).

With my team, we have published 17 Made in Nigeria boardgames, started a gaming company called NIBCARD Games. Through NIBCARD, we started the African Boardgame Convention (AB Con) in 2016; a yearly boardgaming convention which is the first in Nigeria. We also opened the first boardgames cafe in Nigeria as well as introduced the AB Con Award to recognise people who are promoting the tabletop community in Nigeria.

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Pam Walls

Pam Walls is a board game designer based out of Toronto, Ontario. She is the designer of the party game Hold That Face published by Hasbro in 2017. Pam is the founder of ProtoTO, Toronto’s tabletop game design convention, and Board Game Broads, a forum for women and gender non-conforming folks in the board game design community.

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Kim Vandenbroucke

Right out of college I started with a toy and game invention firm and I think they thought I was going to focus on girl’s toys and dolls, but I immediately gravitated toward games. The very first game I designed, Cover to Cover, we licensed to Hasbro and so games it was! I’ve been on my own now for more than 15 years, and I simply strive to make games that will leave happy memories with those who play them.

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Roberta Taylor

I am a game designer from Edmonton, AB, Canada, and I’ve been creating games for over a decade. I have several published games, including ‘Octopus’ Garden’, which is being re-published under the new title ‘Starfish Kingdom’ this summer. I am keenly interested in games as a vehicle for big ideas, and I love figuring out how to tell the right story with each game I create.



Helaina Cappel

Helaina Cappel is a game designer and the owner of not one, but two publishing brands, KTBG known for producing engaging family games that level the playing field, and Burnt Island Games known for producing games that have great depth and are easy to learn. Her first published game was a co-design with her partner Josh, called Foodfighters. Her second one was Haunt the House. Designing and publishing has sparked a fire in Helaina. This year she has decided to take a leave of absence from her teaching career to pursue her career as a designer, developer, and a publisher. With 6 published titles (and two more on the way) spanning her two brands, she is excited to see what this year will bring.

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James Naylor

James Naylor is a boardgame designer and publisher currently working on bringing his first published game “Magnate: The First City” to Kickstarter. James has been a newspaper editor and marketer, but his first love is product design and management, where his most recent role was head of product and engineering for a technology company. James enjoys all sorts of games and is excited to be a part of bringing modern games to a wider audience. Tw. Web.


Sen-Foong Lim

Sen is a Chinese-Canadian designer, developer, writer, and cultural consultant who has worked on such diverse games as Belfort, Akrotiri, Junk Art, D&D Rock Paper Wizard, The Legend of Korra: Pro Bending Arena, and Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time. He is currently exploring RPGs by writing adventures for his friends’ systems in order to create his own. Sen is also fascinated with corporate training and educational games. If you like talking game design, Sen co-hosts the weekly Meeple Syrup webcast. When not gaming, Sen is a avid martial artist who teaches developmental psychology by day while BBQing by night.

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TAM is an artist, engineer, entrepreneur, and an award-winning game maker. He has been creating digital and tabletop games since age 10, and professionally designs custom interactive play spaces for museums. He is the founder of Wee Big Games and Neuronic Games.

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Banana Chan

Banana Chan is a role playing game (tabletop and larp) designer, as well as the owner of the board game publishing company, Game and a Curry.

She has written for TTRPGs such as 7th Sea: Khitai, Kids on Bikes, and The North Sea Epilogues. Her larp work includes They’re Onto Me (winner of the 2016 Golden Cobra Challenge for Best Pervasive Larp), Grimasques (published in Itras By: The Menagerie), Zero (published in RESISTOR). Her most recent work has been on the short story for Terror Below. Game and a Curry is the publisher of Yeah! Diamonds and Judge Dredd: Block War.

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Brother Ming

Ming, also known as Brother Ming, is an independent board game designer who makes fan games as freely distributed print and plays. Most well known for his Fire Emblem and Persona 5 fan games, both featured by Kotaku, he is both an anime fanatic and board game enthusiast. He is also the host of the Animeeples Podcast, a podcast collaboration with Japanime Games.

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Christopher Chung

I’m the designer of Lanterns: The Harvest Festival and Spell Smashers, along with a few other games here and there, and I work at a tabletop game store and board game cafe, so I’m pretty much all board games all the time. I have an affinity for Twilight Imperium 4, I stay clear of Food Chain Magnate, and I have no idea how to win Concordia but I love it anyways.



Whitney “Strix” Beltrán

Whitney “Strix” Beltrán is a project narrative director at Hidden Path Entertainment. She is an award winning writer and narrative designer who has been doing interactive narrative design for games since 2008. She also works with transmedia, fiction, screenplays, theatre, and poetry. She has a master’s degree in mythology and contributes research and peer reviewed articles and papers to the academic discourse around narrative play, including Role-Playing Game Studies: Transmedia Foundations, the first ever university level role playing game textbook. She is a diversity and inclusion advocate and consultant that believes games are for everyone.



Clio Davis

Clio Yun-su Davis is a Korean American game designer and writer whose work explores grief, artificial intelligence, existential dread, and Asian and Asian American experiences. They design larps, tabletop roleplaying games, and card games. Their freeform game The Long Drive Back from Busan won the Golden Cobra Challenge award for Best Game That Incorporates Meaningful, Non-Romantic Relationships in 2017, and their game about the future of ancestor worship, The Truth About Eternity, will be presented at Fastaval 2019 in Denmark.

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Peter Hayward

Peter C. Hayward is the blue-bearded Australian behind Jellybean Games. When he’s not playtesting, parenting, designing games, playing with puppets, or writing, you can find him experiencing the most restful slumber ever experienced by man.

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Omari Akil

I’m Omari. I’m a writer, game designer, and owner of Board Game Brothas and The Blacktop. I spend most of my time making games and working to foster more inclusive and inviting gaming communities in New Orleans, LA and Durham, NC. Occasionally, you can find me dancing like nobody is watching…usually in very colourful sneakers. Tw. Ins.

Alex Cutler

Alex Cutler is a full-time game designer/developer based out of Connecticut. Published designs include ‘Expancity’, ‘Before There Were Stars’, and ‘Team 3’. He founded the Game Makers Guild in New Haven where he lives with his wife, Nicole, and their dog, Eevee. He enjoys good beer, bad puns, and moderate success. Tw.

Isaac Shalev

I’m Isaac Shalev, the co-author of The Building Blocks of Tabletop Game Design: An Encyclopedia of Mechanisms and the designer of tabletop games including Seikatsu, Show & Tile and Ravenous River. I podcast with On Board Games and blog about game design at Kind Fortress, and if you catch me not designing games or talking about them, I’m probably parenting my three kids, hanging with my wife, walking my dog, or helping nonprofits use data more effectively.
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Jessey Wright

As co-designer of Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending Arena, Mutants, Batman The Animated Series: Rogues Gallery and Kingdom Rush, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a variety of styles of games and with intellectual properties. I also co-host the Meeple Syrup Show, a weekly livecast on Facebook that dives into design-related topics with guests from all parts of the board game industry.
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Curt Covert

My design aesthetic has always focused on player interaction and emotionally evocative play. As both a designer of games and a publisher, Smirk and Dagger has endeavored to get people to ‘feel something’ at the table and immerse them in the game’s theme and experience. Since 2003, I have paired that sensibility with skills gleaned from my other careers as a graphic artist, creative director, copywriter, marketer and filmmaker. My passion for this industry, and every project I take on, is deeply intense and joyful. Plus, I get to hang out with cool people like you, doing what we love.
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Dominic Crapuchettes

Dominic Crapuchettes has revelled in his bad boy reputation ever since his boardgame, Kabloogi, got banned from 8th grade because too many classmates started playing every day in class. After 12 seasons as an Alaskan fishing boat captain, 5 years on the Magic pro tour, 3 years as a programmer, and co-founding 1 game designer convention (Protospiel 2001), Dominic threw everything away to start North Star Games. He is the lead designer of Oceans, Evolution, Say Anything, Wits & Wagers, and the proud papa of two awesome kids. He also loves soccer, coffee, and several esoteric things that many others find boring.
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